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2012-09-29 22:46:59 (replies: 1)

Darius Plus is a Super Grafx enhanced game. Currently it is labeled as a PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16.

2016-08-27 21:44:11

Hi guys, could you rename this database from "NEC - SuperGrafx" to "NEC - PC Engine SuperGrafx" ? it's the right name of the platform: https://en.wikipedi...
2015-07-07 15:38:19 (replies: 1)

The right name of the platform is PC Engine SuperGrafx, not "Super Grafx". You can abbreviatte "SuperGrafx", but there is no space between the words.
2015-02-06 13:40:27 (replies: 2)

No-Intro currently titles it in an awkward way: "Daimakai Mura" (for the NEC SuperGrafx 0005 and Mega Drive 0335) I think a more consistent romanizatio...
2011-03-02 11:37:44 (replies: 1)

According to the box art, the full name title for Aldynes is "Aldynes: The Mission Code for Rage Crisis":
2010-12-27 18:18:55

old: Madou Ou Granzort (Japan) fix: Mado King Granzort (Japan)