Recently changed items:

2600 Carnival (USA)
2600 Carnival (Europe)
NDS Hannah Montana - The Movie (USA) (En,Fr) (Rev 1)
NDS Marvel Super Hero Squad (USA) (En,Fr,Es) (Walmart Edition)
7800 7800 Monitor Cart (USA) (Program) (Unl)
2600 Canyon Bomber (USA)
2600 California Games (USA)
2600 California Games (Europe)
2600 Cakewalk (USA)
2600 Cakewalk (Europe)
N64 Madden NFL 99 (USA) (Beta) (1998-08-05)
2600 Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (USA) (Proto) (1984-09-13)
2600 BurgerTime (USA)
2600 Bumper Bash (Europe)
2600 Bumper Bash (USA)
2600 Bump 'n' Jump (USA)
2600 Bump 'n' Jump (Europe)
2600 Bugs Bunny (USA) (Proto 2)
2600 Bugs Bunny (USA) (Proto 1)
2600 Big Bird's Egg Catch (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1983-05-17)
2600 Big Bird's Egg Catch (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1983-05-02)
2600 Big Bird's Egg Catch (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1982-12-08)
2600 Alpha Beam (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1982-12-22)
2600 Bugs (USA)
2600 Bugs (Europe)
2600 Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (Europe)
2600 Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (USA)
2600 Breakout ~ Breakaway IV (Japan, USA)
2600 Bridge (USA)
2600 Bridge (USA) (v1.1)
2600 Bridge (Europe)
2600 Breakout (Europe)
2600 Brain Games (USA)
2600 Brain Games (Europe)
2600 Boxing (Brazil) (Unl)
2600 Boxen (Germany) (En)
N64 Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (Europe) (GameCube) (Collector's Edition)
GBA Nintendo Puzzle Collection - Panel de Pon (Japan) (GameCube)
Satella Jewel of Live II (Japan)
2600 Boxing (Europe)
2600 Boxing (USA)
2600 Bowling (Europe)
2600 Bowling (USA)
2600 Bouncin' Baby Bunnies (USA) (Proto)

Recently changed releases:

N64 Mario_64_Shindou-MSFTUG
N64 Super_Mario_64_JAP-AS
N64 Super_Mario_64_USA-AS
N64 Mario_Kart_64_v1.1_JAP-EUR
N64 Mario_Kart_64-AS
N64 Mario_Kart_v1.1-TC
N64 Mario_Kart_64-SC
N64 Mario_Kart_64_USA-AS
N64 Mario_Golf_JAP-MNC
N64 Mario_Golf-NIL
N64 Mario_64-SUPPLEX
N64 Mario_Golf_USA-HS
N64 Magical_Tetris_Challenge_German-HS
N64 Magical_Tetris_Challenge_FRENCH-NBC
N64 Magical_Tetris_Challenge-UKA
N64 Magical_Tetris-CZN
N64 Magical_Tetris_Challenge-AGS
N64 Madden_NFL_2002_Usa_N64-QUARTEX
N64 Madden_NFL_2001_USA-MNC
N64 Madden64-GEWALT
N64 Madden_Football_64_USA-MSFTUG
N64 Madden_2000-USA-TC
N64 Madden_99-KOSMO
N64 Madden_99_USA-VIAGRA
N64 Mace_The_Dark_Age_PAL-EUR
N64 Mace_the_Dark_Age_USA-MSFTUG
N64 Starfox_64-MSFTUG
N64 Starfox_64_USA-MSFTUG
N64 Lylat_Wars_Australian-SC
N64 Lylat_Wars_European-SC
N64 Rugrats_Scavenger_Hunt-USA-TC
N64 Rugrats_Ger-CARROT
N64 Rugrats_Treasure_Hunt-SP
N64 Les_Razmoket_La_Chasse_Aux_Tresors_FR_N64-IND
N64 Lode_Runner_3D-NIL
N64 Lode_Runner_3D_JAP-HS
N64 Lode_Runner_3D-IND
N64 Lego_Racers_MULTI-NIL
N64 Lego_Racers-USA-TC
N64 URA_Zelda_PAL60-N64-CZN
N64 The_Legend_of_Zelda-Majoras_Mask-Preview_Demo-USA-CARROT
N64 Zelda_No_Densetsu_Mujura_No_Kamen_JAP-MNC
N64 The_Legend_of_Zelda-Majoras_Mask-PAL-v1.1-CARROT
N64 The_Legend_of_Zelda_Majoras_Mask_PAL-MNC
N64 Legend_of_Zelda_Majoras_Mask_USA-TC
N64 Zelda_Ocarina_of_Time-SAGE
N64 Legend_of_Zelda_Ocarina_of_Time_GC_Version_PAL_N64-JURAI
N64 Legend_of_Zelda_Ocarina_in_Time_v1.1_PAL-NBC
N64 Legend_of_Zelda_64-IND
N64 Legend_of_Zelda-Ocarina_of_Time_v1.2_USA-TC
N64 Legend_of_Zelda_-_Ocarina_in_Time_v1.1_USA-TC