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 Regarding Ghouls'n Ghosts Japanese title
Argument: Naming , Closed by: xuom2
Samuel @ 2015-02-06 13:40:27

No-Intro currently titles it in an awkward way:

"Daimakai Mura" (for the NEC SuperGrafx 0005 and Mega Drive 0335)

I think a more consistent romanization/punctualization would be the following choices:

-"Dai Makai Mura" (This would be the most "technically correct" way, and would be more consistent with No-Intro's romanization of other Japanese titles.)

-"Dai Makaimura" (Based on the fact that there are several sequels to "Makaimura" the original game, such as "Chou Makaimura", "Dai Makaimura" and "Goku Makaimura", it becomes inconsistent to attach the prefix to the "Makai" while isolating "Mura" by itself. When translated to English it would be "Great Makaimura", "Super Makaimura", "Extreme Makaimura" not "Greatmakai Mura", "Supermakai Mura", etc.)

-"Daimakaimura" (This is the official romanization from Capcom themselves. By this logic "Chou Makaimura" for the SNES goes by "Chohmakaimura".)

Sorry if my post comes off as nitpicky, autistic, etc, but I'm just bringing this to attention for the sake of consistency.
DrMaxwell @ 2015-03-17 16:13:45

Why not go further and just translate the whole phrase, then you will realize that your point is valid and mura, which translates to village, should be appended to the end as a separate word. There are quite a few mistakes in the super famicom and sega mega drive japan no-intro list. Most of which I have personally corrected and renamed for my own private use.
xuom2 @ 2016-10-23 00:12:01

changed to Dai-Makaimura.