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2018-10-04 14:09:04

check if this file contains a serial like the disk dumps and fill in the field as appropriate (i.e. adding the serial, "none" or "n/a")
2018-10-03 13:43:48

need to add ROM file serial
2018-10-02 14:04:47

languages probably need to be checked
2018-10-02 12:43:50

I did a pretty bad job when I datted these initially, so the dates are possibly wrong.
2018-09-23 15:45:40

now: Kyojin no Doshin fix: Kyojin no Doshin 1 -- 巨人のドシン1/Kyojin no Doshin 1 It is not Game Cube version (巨人のドシン/Kyojin no Doshin). Correct name fo...

2017-11-28 19:23:17 Per the above page, four of the games have save data written to them, and are therefore not pristine. Similar to FDS games wit...
2017-11-19 11:34:36

My understanding is that this version of Super Mario 64 was never released. Shouldn't it therefore be labelled (Proto)? Here's a source saying the game is...
2016-01-28 05:05:58

now: Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 fix: Nihon Pro Golf Tour 64 -- 日本プロゴルフツアー64(にほんぷろごるふつあー64)/Nihon Pro Golf Tour 64 boxart: