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  3-D Genesis (USA) (Proto)
  3-D Ghost Attack (USA) (Proto)
  3-D Havoc (USA) (Proto)
  3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (Europe)
       CX2618, CX2618P
  3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (USA)
  3-D Zapper (USA) (Proto) (1982-12-15)
  3-D Zapper (USA) (Proto) (Earlier)
  32 in 1 Game Cartridge (Europe)
  4 Game in One (Europe) (Bit Corporation)
  Abre-te, Sesamo! (Brazil) (Unl)
  Acid Drop (Europe)
  Action Man - Action Force (Europe)
  Actionauts (USA) (Proto) (1984-06-22)
  Activision Decathlon, The (Europe)
       711 030-725, EAZ-030, EAZ-030-04B, EAZ-030-04I
  Activision Decathlon, The (France)
  Activision Decathlon, The (USA)
  Adventure (Europe)
  Adventure (USA)
       49-75154, CX2613
  Adventures of TRON (USA)
  Air Raid (USA)
  Air Raiders (Europe)
  Air Raiders (USA)
  Air-Sea Battle (Europe)
  Air-Sea Battle ~ Target Fun (Japan, USA)
       99802, 6-99802, 49-75102, CX2602
  Airlock (Europe)
  Airlock (USA)
  Airlock (USA) (Proto)
  Alien (Brazil) (Unl)
  Alien (USA)
  Aliens Return (Europe)
       554-33 391
  Alligator People (USA) (Proto)
  Alpha Beam (Europe) (Beta) (1983-06-03)
  Alpha Beam (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1982-12-22)
  Alpha Beam with Ernie (Europe)
  Alpha Beam with Ernie (Japan, USA)
  Amidar (Europe)
  Amidar (USA)
  AndroMan on the Moon (USA) (Proto)
  Apples and Dolls (Brazil) (Unl)
  Aquaventure (Brazil) (Proto) (Unl)
  Aquaventure (USA) (Proto) (1983-08-12)
  Armor Ambush (Europe)
  Armor Ambush (USA)
  Artillery Duel (Europe)
  Artillery Duel (USA)
  Assault (USA)
  Asteroids (Europe)
  Asteroids (Japan, USA)
       49-75163, CX2649
  Astroblast (Europe)
  Astroblast (USA)
  Astroblast (USA) (v1.1)
  Astrowar (Brazil) (Unl)
  Atari Video Cube (USA)
  Atlantis (Europe)
       720103-2A / IA3203P
  Atlantis (USA)
       720103-1A / IA3203
  Atlantis II (USA)
       720103-1A / IA3203
  Atom Smasher (USA) (Proto)
  Bachelor Party (USA)
       1002, 205
  Bachelorette Party (USA)
  Backgammon (Europe)
       CX2617P, CX2617
  Backgammon (USA)
       CX2617, 49-75183
  Bank Heist (Europe)
  Bank Heist (USA)
  Barnstorming (Brazil) (Unl)
  Barnstorming (Europe)
       PAX-013, 711 013-720
  Barnstorming (USA)
  Base Attack (Europe)
  Basic Math (Europe)
  Basic Math (USA)
  BASIC Programming (Europe)
  BASIC Programming (USA)
  Basketball (Europe)
       CX2624P, CX2624
  Basketball (USA)
       49-75113, CX2624
  Battlezone (Europe)
       CX2681, CX2681P
  Battlezone (Japan, USA)
  Battlezone (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1983-05-02)
  Battlezone (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1983-05-12)
  Beamrider (Europe)
       EAZ-037-04, EAZ-037-04I
  Beamrider (USA)
  Beany Bopper (Brazil) (Unl)
  Beany Bopper (USA)
  Beat'Em & Eat'Em (Brazil) (Unl)
  Beat'Em & Eat'Em (Europe)
  Beat'Em & Eat'Em (USA)
       1003, 204
  Berenstain Bears (USA)
  Bermuda Triangle (Europe)
  Bermuda Triangle (USA)
  Berzerk (Brazil) (Unl)
  Berzerk (Europe)
  Berzerk (Japan, USA)
       49-75168, CX2650
  Big Bird's Egg Catch (Europe)
  Big Bird's Egg Catch (Japan, USA)
  Big Bird's Egg Catch (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1982-12-08)
  Big Bird's Egg Catch (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1983-05-02)
  Big Bird's Egg Catch (Japan, USA) (Beta) (1983-05-17)
  Bionic Breakthrough (USA) (Proto)
  Black Jack (Europe)
  Black Jack (USA)
       CX2651, 49-75602
  Blueprint (Europe)
       4L4171, 4L2485, 4L2477
  Blueprint (USA)
       4L 2486 5000
  Blueprint (USA) (Beta)
  BMX Air Master (Australia)
  BMX Air Master (Europe)
  BMX Air Master (USA)
       CX26190, 26192
  Bobby is Going Home (Brazil) (NTSC) (Unl)
  Bobby is Going Home (Brazil) (PAL) (Unl)
  Bobby is Going Home (Europe)
  Bobby is Going Home (Europe) (Beta)
  Bobby is Going Home (USA)
  Boggle (USA) (Proto) (1978-08-07)
  Boing! (Europe)
  Boing! (USA)
  Bouncin' Baby Bunnies (USA) (Proto)
  Bowling (Europe)
       CX2628, CX2628P
  Bowling (USA)
       49-75117, CX2628
  Boxen (Germany) (En)
  Boxing (Brazil) (Unl)
  Boxing (Europe)
       EAG-002, PAG-002, EAG-002-04I
  Boxing (USA)
       AG-002-04, AG-002, CAG-002
  Brain Games (Europe)
       CX2664, CX2664P
  Brain Games (USA)
       6-99818, CX2664
  Breakout (Europe)
       CX2622, CX2622P
  Breakout ~ Breakaway IV (Japan, USA)
       CX2622, 6-99813
  Bridge (Europe)
       EAX-006, PAX-006
  Bridge (USA)
  Bridge (USA) (v1.1)
  Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (Europe)
  Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (USA)
  Bugs (Europe)
  Bugs (USA)
  Bugs Bunny (USA) (Proto 1)
  Bugs Bunny (USA) (Proto 2)
  Bump 'n' Jump (Europe)
       7045 A015
  Bump 'n' Jump (USA)
  Bumper Bash (Europe)
       SA-218, SA-218C
  Bumper Bash (USA)
  BurgerTime (USA)
  Burning Desire (Europe)
  Burning Desire (USA)
  Cabbage Patch Kids - Adventures in the Park (USA) (Proto) (1984-09-13)
  Cakewalk (Europe)
       CM-008, 712 008-720
  Cakewalk (USA)
  California Games (Europe)
  California Games (USA)
  Canyon Bomber (USA)
       6-99828, CX2607, 49-75115
  Care Bears (USA) (Proto)
  Carnival (Europe)
       4L1717, 4L1718, 4L1719, 4L2277
  Carnival (USA)
  Casino (Europe)
       CX2652, CX2652P
  Casino ~ Poker Plus (USA)
       6-99816, CX2652, 49-75151
  Cat Trax (USA)
  Cathouse Blues (USA)
  Centipede (Europe)
  Centipede (Europe) (Beta)
  Centipede (Japan, USA)
  Challenge (Canada)
  Challenge of.... NEXAR, The (Europe)
  Challenge of.... NEXAR, The (USA)
  Championship Soccer (Europe)
  Championship Soccer ~ Soccer (USA)
       49-75155, CX2616
  Chase the Chuck Wagon (USA)
  Checkers (USA)
  China Syndrome (Europe)
  China Syndrome (USA)
  Chopper Command (Europe)
       EAX-015, 711 015-725, EAX-015-04I
  Chopper Command (USA)
       AX-015, AX-015-04
  Chuck Norris Superkicks (USA)
  Circus Atari (Europe)
       CX2630, CX2630P
  Circus Atari (Japan, USA)
  Coco Nuts (USA)
  Codebreaker (Europe)
  Codebreaker (USA)
       CX2643, 6-99815
  Col 'N' (Europe) (Unl)
  Color Bar Generator (USA)
  Colors (Europe) (Proto)
  Combat (Europe)
       CX2601, CX2601P
  Combat Two (USA) (Proto)
  Combat ~ Tank-Plus (USA)
       CX2601, 6-99801
  Commando (Europe)
  Commando (USA)
  Commando (USA) (Alt 1)
  Commando Raid (Europe)
  Commando Raid (USA)
  Communist Mutants from Space (Europe)
  Communist Mutants from Space (Europe) (Beta)
  Communist Mutants from Space (USA)
  Communist Mutants from Space (USA) (Beta)
  Computer Chess (USA) (Proto)
  Condor Attack (USA)
  Confrontation (USA) (Proto)
  Congo Bongo (USA)
  Cookie Monster Munch (USA)
  Cosmic Ark (USA)
  Cosmic Commuter (USA)
  Cosmic Creeps (USA)
  Cosmic Swarm (USA)
  Crack'ed (USA) (Proto)
  Crackpots (USA)
  Crash Dive (USA)
  Crazy Climber (USA)