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Loaded: 48 item(s).

  3D Bowling (USA, Europe)
  3D Soccer (Europe)
  Alien Invaders (USA, Europe)
  American Football (USA, Europe)
  Astro Invader (Europe)
  Autorace (Europe)
  Baseball (USA, Europe)
  Basketball (Europe)
  Blackjack and Poker (Europe)
  Boxing (Europe)
  Brain Quiz (USA, Europe)
  Breakaway (USA, Europe)
  Capture (USA, Europe)
  Cat Trax (USA, Europe)
  Circus (Europe)
  Combat (Europe)
  Crazy Climber (Europe)
  Crazy Gobbler (Europe)
  Escape (USA, Europe)
  Funky Fish (Europe)
  Golf (Europe)
  Grand Slam Tennis (USA, Europe)
  Hobo (Europe)
  Horse Racing (Europe)
  Jump Bug (Europe)
  Jungler (USA, Europe)
  Missile War (USA, Europe)
  Monaco Grand Prix (Europe)
  Nibblemen (Europe)
  Ocean Battle (USA, Europe)
  Parashooter (Europe)
  Pleiades (Europe)
  R2D Tank (Europe)
  Red Clash (USA, Europe)
  Robot Killer (Europe)
  Route 16 (Europe)
  Soccer (USA, Europe)
  Space Attack (USA, Europe)
  Space Mission (USA, Europe)
  Space Raiders (USA, Europe)
  Space Squadron (Europe)
  Space Vultures (USA, Europe)
  Spiders (USA, Europe)
  Star Chess (USA, Europe)
  Super Gobbler (Europe)
  Tanks a Lot (USA, Europe)
  The End (Europe)
  Turtles (Europe)