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 Kirby's Adventure (Canada)
Argument: Naming , Closed by: root
anonymous @ 2011-03-07 09:05:40

I would like to point out that every roms from Canada are in French. The reason is simple: for the English games, we bought it from USA. Only a few games were made for French-Canada, all of them in French. You could double-check.

This is the same case for every system. The games from Canada are french-only ou English/French, but never English alone.
kazumi213 @ 2011-03-07 13:16:01

I've changed language from En to Fr for Kirby NES and Zelda SNES. You won't notice any title change, because there is only one language and Fr is the default one for Canada. NDS Madagascar 2 and GB Zelda already declare proper Fr in database.

I'm going to request xuom2 to implement required changes so if a CAN game features a language different than the default one, then i.e. (Canada) (En) should be displayed, as it currently happen for (Japan) (En) ones.