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 NES: Super Dyna'mix Badminton
Argument: ROM data
NewRisingSun2 @ 2018-09-10 10:32:48

NES Super Dyna'Mix Badminton (CRC 08E11357) is bad. The DATed ROM image is Mapper 0 with only one 8 KiB CHR-ROM bank. The game however is a Mapper 3 game with two 8 KiB CHR-ROM banks. You can tell that the current dump must be incomplete, and a current dump would be mapper 3, because:

(1) even if you select "girl", you still get "boy" graphics with the current ROM image;
(2) the game writes to $8000/$8001, which is a CNROM latch register.
C. V. Reynolds @ 2018-09-11 04:35:37

You're right. It's funny that some websites actually claim that the boys and girls use the same graphics. This game needs a redump, but for now I'll put up the currently known 48 KB version. Thank you.
C. V. Reynolds @ 2018-09-11 04:43:22

One thing worth noting: Ototo's blog reported this as only having 4 KB CHR. I assume Ototo made a mistake here considering the evidence, but I needed to note it.
RZone @ 2019-01-21 21:12:44

The chr seems to have some sort of copy protection so I'll assume the chr is 8kb. The current dumps could possibly be 4kb with duplicated graphics to make up the other 4kb. I'm unable to dump my copy with my copynes as I'm unfamiliar with the copyprotection however the girl graphics are present in the cart.