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 Yuu Yuu Jinsei
Argument: Naming , Reference: 0416 , Closed by: xuom2
hkA @ 2018-09-08 13:53:01

Yu Yu Jinsei

Yuuyuu Jinsei
You You Jinsei
You-You Jinsei
遊々(ゆうゆう/Yuuyuu) is a coined word often used.
So some people have different interpretation of their meaning.
But, It is like a pun of 悠々(ゆうゆう/YuuYuu) .
幽遊(ゆうゆう/YuuYuu/YuYu) is also coined word.
幽遊白書(ゆうゆうはくしょ/Yu Yu Hakusho) intentionally uses YuYu to make pronunciation easier in English-speaking countries.
However, the standard kana of ゆうゆう is Yuuyuu.
At least in this case it is not Yu Yu.

Looking at box art, it is drawn as "You-You" on the license plate of the car.
I think that 遊々/YuuYuu and "You You" are puns.

omonim2007 @ 2018-09-10 20:24:14

I think "You-You" is the most correct version.
Let's choose this name of the game.

Can I close this discussion?
hkA @ 2018-09-11 16:03:29

OK, please close the discussion.
I have not confirmed the manual.
If a better notation is found it will be reported at that time.
I think that there is no problem with You-You now.