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 Revision should probably be 5C21.
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Vague Rant @ 2014-04-02 03:35:29

I believe the first character of the revision seen on the title screen is actually a 5, rather than an S. In support of this, observe previous releases by the same developer and their revisions, in chronological order:

Judgement Silversword (Rev. 1227)
Reading: 2001/2/27

Judgement Silversword: Rebirth Edition (Rev. 4321)
Reading: 2004/3/21

Cardinal Sins (Judgement Silversword: Recycle Edition) (Rev. 5106)
Reading: 2005/1/06

Judgement Silversword: Rebirth Edition (Rev. 5C21)
Reading: 2005/12/21 (the C is hex, equal to decimal 12)

While it can be somewhat difficult to confirm these revisions align with dates, an example can be seen on the official page for Cardinal Sins:

Version 1.02 (the Rev. 5106 above) was released on January 6, 2005, aka 2005/1/06, aka 5106.
Django @ 2015-08-22 00:47:32

Agreed, why is this still pending?