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Power Pro Kun Pocket trial versions?
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BigFred » 2009-02-06 11:25:50

Is anyone able to provide any proof for the existance of the Demo versions for the 3 PPKP games? While there was some discussion here and there in the past and even the release of the final PPKP5 gave a hint about this we are still missing the picture proof. I find it weird these contain the same internal serial as the final product as well as the same version-byte. Normally this is only the case with Betas.
xuom2 » 2009-02-06 15:18:25

I can't find release info for "1-2" and "6". According to full relase for "5", our "5" (Promo) is wrong and should be (Demo) (maybe Kiosk too).

"We've been notified our earlier release for this game is a rare trial version available in demostrations at the stores"

Whether "1-2" and "6" are actually (Promo) and/or (Demo) I don't know. Limited availability could explain cart shots restrictions.