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Super Shougi (Japan)
Languages: Japanese
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 3492.
Split/Merge: Parent.

Sticky Note
  BBS scene release UCCI-SHO is still MIA. Let us know if you own it.

Scene dump(s)
NFO file: !missing
Archive file: UCCI-SHO
Group: Ucci
Released: 1992-07-18
Section: Other
Comment: Original NFO/FILEID.DIZ text:
"SHOGI (Japanesse Board Game) SNES/8MBIT/JAP/SMAGICOM"
Original format: Default
NFO file: !missing
Archive file: SHOGI
Group: Smile
Released: 1992-08-22
Original format: Default
1 file(s)
Format: Default
Super Shougi (Japan).sfc
  Size: 1048576
  CRC32: 3769DAA8 
  MD5: EAFD697BEED0DB6071DD78710B2ED8EB
  SHA-1: 8A100BD97A70063E1064083BE49D71A8A671A946
  SHA-256: 92AC674EC1B2F16373AF51A826C0C7EC9EF4819EED652A11468429ECCCA2CE9C
  Serial: -

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