Commodore - 64 (PP)

Not verified
Board Genius (Europe) (Compilation)
Languages: English

Section: Third Party
Region: Unknown
Dump date: !unknown (unconfirmed date)
Release date: (unconfirmed date)
Dumper: !unknown
Affiliation: !unknown
4 file(s)
Format: Default
Board Genius (Europe) (Compilation) (Side 1).nib
  Size: 336128
  CRC32: 530066ED 
  MD5: DBA22B324DBEB6C85F64091375F8DB61
  SHA-1: CA46A53FCEAB048CBD0376C68EE93815EDD293FC
  Serial: -
Board Genius (Europe) (Compilation) (Side 2).nib
  Size: 336128
  CRC32: 89120CD0 
  MD5: 1DDD07B806D2EDC23977F74E3C04FE08
  SHA-1: 6C26E95FE2793AB7395542E4C8499FA4A8FAE94F
  Serial: -
Board Genius (Europe) (Compilation) (Side 3).nib
  Size: 336128
  CRC32: 1D9586D0 
  MD5: 0E669D7C84E43E4D3F32147887EECE8B
  SHA-1: E6F865520EE487331C0ACC183D812CF80E952943
  Serial: -
Board Genius (Europe) (Compilation) (Side 4).nib
  Size: 336128
  CRC32: 2C851378 
  MD5: E2DD1B7FD93E2958543C56F90C6F4272
  SHA-1: 4CF3AA05FA1DFFD84F081E63081588F41EEA7AEB
  Serial: -

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