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SNK - Neo Geo Pocket Color

Trusted (1)
Puzzle Link (USA, Europe)
Languages: English
P/C relationship: Parent. Its clone(s): 0076

Section: Trusted Dump
Region: Europe
Dump date: 2011-11-30
Dumper: xxxddd
Affiliation: No-Intro
1 file(s)
Format: Default
Puzzle Link (USA, Europe).ngc
  Size: 524288
  CRC32: 8D0610AC 
  MD5: DF694E1F69DED1DF68A4AC52A13FB44A
  SHA-1: 2507D1BDEB67BDB6379424817707693549EFB487
  Serial: -

Scene dump(s)
NFO File: rtw_pzll
Archive File: RTW_PZLL
Group: RTW
Released: 2000-05-30
Section: Bad
1 file(s)
Format: Default
Puzzle Link (USA, Europe) [b].ngc
  Size: 524288
  CRC32: FE95938C   
  MD5: AA331C8E2948E6273CAB97B329751A1F
  SHA-1: 6E7B48B59D4DF857DD76A964C521B93CB0C4C9A7
  Serial: -

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