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Decrypted: Bad
Encrypted: Not verified
z188 - Pro Action Replay MAX (Japan) (v1.54) (Unl) [b]
Languages: Japanese
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: z022

Sticky Note
  Dumps from this device are rendered inconsistent due to the way the device was designed to store data. Saving new data makes changes directly to the ROM image, thus resulting in different information each time.

Section: Trusted Dump
Title on media: Pro Action Replay MAX
Media serial 1:
Region: Japan
Dump tool: Wood Dumper (r89)
Dump origin: Cheat Cartridge
Dump date: 2019-07-26
Dumper: DeadSkullzJr
Affiliation: No-Intro
1 file(s)
Format: Decrypted
z188 - Pro Action Replay MAX (Japan) (v1.54) (Unl) [b].nds
  Size: 16777216
  CRC32: 4E962103   
  MD5: C38CEE5B35CF09A229EB3FBFC6090FBC
  SHA-1: 0A5CA3E4FE6977DE45BB44447BBA3DEBCC5E871B
Comment 1:
ROM dumps for DS Action Replay carts seem to be inconsistent if you use the device between dumps.

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