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Nintendo - Nintendo 64

Wildwaters (USA) (Proto) (1999-06-15)
Languages: English
P/C relationship: Parent with no clones.

Scene dump(s)
NFO File: Wildwaters_(Unreleased)_-_CARROT
Archive File: Wildwaters_(Unreleased)_-_CARROT
Group: Carrot
Released: 2012-04-01
2 file(s)
Format: BigEndian
Wildwaters (USA) (Proto) (1999-06-15).z64
  Size: 16777216
  CRC32: 40443C67 
  MD5: B867880C96C9E8D3130DDE5526C95439
  SHA-1: 3FF76B30A9179F1AC116CC04D560CE333DB443AF
  Serial: -
Format: ByteSwapped
Wildwaters (USA) (Proto) (1999-06-15).v64
  Size: 16777216
  CRC32: ECB6780C 
  MD5: 0FF7F6DDFEF8B7ACEE9619B529983C80
  SHA-1: ECB137225F46A8EEC882AEA0D52B213E9402581D
  Serial: -

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