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Konami - Picno

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Anime Box (Japan)
Languages: Japanese
Game ID: RX112
P/C relationship: Parent with no clones.

Section: Trusted Dump
Region: Japan
Dump date: 2019-10-26
Dumper: TeamEurope
Affiliation: MAME
1 file(s)
Format: Default
Anime Box (Japan).bin
  Size: 524288
  CRC32: 42A6B05C 
  MD5: 60FE7EAE6D99E48EC9E5035BC514485C
  SHA-1: 29AE55692C115B5F311F2C2A12888E8FFF17CED5
  SHA-256: B39D3F3A4A1D82AA5F42C983F78DFE1ED1A743917407D9A610779934F803AE94
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