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 bad checksum for Decrypted
Argument: Generic , Reference: 1510
ThisIsAreku @ 2019-08-17 07:39:43

I own the game and dumped it with Decrypt9WIP.
For the Encrypted the hashes are correct:
CRC-32: 61C553BE
SHA-1: 99DF0B1674EE15DBF9B1666AD5703E3B2AE039CA
MD-5: 85F514633BE0FABDF7768B2AE5EC79A6

But for the Decrypted version I have different hashes:
CRC-32: 3B81CADF
SHA-1: 41A6D36355BE4A7081274AC77F52CFEB7C3169D6
MD-5: 479247982D3759DE585D223F6A425785