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extherian @ 2018-09-24 18:22:45

I've just dumped this game and gotten the same md5 for the encrypted ROM: BC6A3F1A23FC3B245CA69B910C4DAC8F.

However, when I decrypted the ROM, I got a different result to this page, which states that the decrypted MD5 should be: 4E18A5C0D8D635D7CC069D9A70CB476C.

Instead, the MD5 for my decrypted ROM was this: d35fe168cf90a8d7fd6736efd5e0bc2e

I dumped and decrypted my copy of Majora's Mask a second time and got identical results. Someone needs to verify that the MD5 sums on this page are correct.
jimmsu @ 2018-09-25 08:58:30

Hello extherian
Wich way you did the decypting.

Godmode has still a error , you need latsest build for fix.
tru this one :