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2012-01-30 06:20:49

Current name: Dear Rising 2 - Case Zero (World) (v3) Should be: Dead Rising 2 - Case Zero (World) (v3)
2011-02-08 17:29:14

The name for Dead Rising 2 is misspelled. In the DAT it is "Dead Risign 2 (World) (v1)" where "Risign" should be "Rising".
2010-10-08 08:06:57

`Mafia II (Europe) (v1)' is in the dat file twice
2010-08-30 09:44:34 (replies: 1)

Half Life 2 - The Orange Box (World) (v5) (Alt 1) is listed to be 314982 KB in size. I got a copy of this set and it's 3149824 KB. It's got correct SHA-1,...