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 Wrong Region
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JustinBailey @ 2015-01-09 14:17:18

Hi all,

Just a few words : the Super Cassette Vision was only released in 2 countries : Japan (Epoch) and France (Yeno/ITMC < a french company).


It looks like 16 games were released in France, while 30 were released in Japan

The games released by Yeno have boxes and manuals only in french, so the probability they were released outside France should be tiny.
The game "Pop & Chips" is even translated by "Pop et Chips" in the Yeno packaging.

So, I think it's totally safe to rename "Super Soccer (Europe)" into "Super Soccer (France)"

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I own the original Yeno Super Cassette Vision system (boxed), and a few games (boxed too).
I would totally love to send the carts to a no-intro guy so you can dump and add them to your database, because I support your work with a passion :-)

I also have carts for other more or less obscure systems, like a great amount of Bit Corporation Gamate carts (those are still totally undumped dammit!!), a great collection of Watara Supervision games, and also Konami Picno stuff game (undumped games/system too)

Feel free to contact me if you are interested or have questions.