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 Wrong crcs
Argument: ROM data , Closed by: root
Darkness_the_Dark @ 2013-08-03 05:16:04

Well hello there mate.

There are 4 files in your dat which seems not to be the correct ones from the scene releases.

They are as follows:

Iron Brigade
Dat CRC32 - 4787694d
Scene CRC32 - 81B71547
Rocket Knight
Dat CRC32 - 7b3e90a5
Scene CRC32 - DF93DAD4
Shadow Complex
Dat CRC32 - 94b9b67e
Scene CRC32 - 446629FF
Worms 2 - Armageddon
Dat CRC32 - 78d80aaf
Scene CRC32 - E998AD12

If your files in the dat should be the correct ones I think that there should be a fix posted. That should be just enough to get your correct CRCs.

Otherwise if you think the scene files are the correct ones. Maybe you should change them to this CRCs.

If these are "not public" ones at the moment. Forget about what I wrote. But a little note about what is and what not would be very appreciated.

Best regards and have a nice weekend.
xuom2 @ 2013-08-17 08:49:06

we better know our redumps.