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anon @ 2018-08-13 12:35:24

Why is this not the same as the others.
Thought tmd and 000000 naming was only done for the encrypted version.
and the decrypted was normal name.
Hiccup @ 2019-01-19 15:48:21

On the CDN they are stored like 00000000 and tmd (with optional .0 for version).
On the console they are stored like and title.tmd
I've opted to use the CDN naming for both encrypted "format" (which doesn't exist yet) and decrypted format. I'm planning to have the TMDs to be in their "full" form (end-of-file signature present like on the CDN)
anonymous @ 2020-02-06 07:56:34

I don't have to fix the DAT and 1069 names myself, or? Who thought a naming of zeros and ones etc. would be an intelligent idea? It's not, really, it's more like the stuff, which comes out after eating something. It's not clever to name all the games the same... Please fix that, because I'm too lazy to fix the lazy work of others.
Hiccup @ 2020-05-13 08:27:59

In the datfile each game should be in its own folder. Is that not the case? If you want all the files in one folder, I guess the datfile generator should have an option to prefix the archive name before each filename (or some variation on that idea).