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 Missing ROM: [BIOS] Entex Adventure Vision Sound (USA, Europe)
Argument: ROM data
Hornpipe2 @ 2014-09-10 11:04:16

The Entex Adventure Vision has two BIOS roms...
* the main 1kb avbios.rom which is already here, and
* a secondary 512 byte avsound.bin rom which the sound processor needs. It's not listed.

File: avsound.bin
CRC-32: 81e95975
MD4: 2a31795844600157937c6bce33840def
MD5: fc5e71445e4947a9d00eedbc66b13a8f
SHA-1: 8b6f8c30dd3e9d8e43f1ea20fba2361b383790eb

Please add this. If possible, cram it into the same ZIP with the other bios ROM?