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Argument: Naming , Closed by: root
digisonic90 @ 2013-03-19 18:10:25

Hi :), long time since I came here. I found more naming errors during these days...

Joan of Arc (Europe) -----> Joan of Arc: Siege & The Sword (Europe)

Exodus 3010 (Germany) -----> Exodus 3010: The First Chapter (Germany)

Dugger (Europe) ----> Dugger - Starring Herbie Stone (Europe)

Craps Academy (Europe) ----> Craps Academy - Micro-Vice Series (Europe)

Coala (Europe) (ECS, AGA) ----> Coala: Cute Name - Deadly Weapon (Europe) (ECS, AGA)

Astaroth (Europe) -----> Astaroth - The Angel of Death (Europe)

Dogfight (Europe) (v1.01) ---> Dogfight - 80 years Of Aerial Warfare (Europe) (v1.01)

Keef the Thief (USA) -----> Keef the Thief - A Boy and His Lockpick (USA)

Life and Death (Europe) ----> Life & Death (Europe)

Logical (Europe) -----> Log!cal (Europe)

Narc (Europe) ----> NARC (Europe)

Yo! Joe! (Europe) ----> Yo! Joe! - Beat The Ghosts (Europe)

Traders (Germany) ----> Include English!

I have a problem login in the forum, it not recognize my old email, my nick is the same (digisonic90), if anyone can help would be helpful. Thanks

Connie @ 2013-03-26 03:55:01

Thanks for your suggestions and helping out. :)
A few I didn't implement are:

Joan of Arc: Siege & The Sword (Europe)
It looks like only the US version uses this sub-title.

Coala - Cute Name - Deadly Weapon (Europe)
This sub just looks like an advertising line, not a game name. 'Coala' wouldn't catch peoples eye.

Yo! Joe! - Beat The Ghosts (Europe)
Not too sure on this. 'Beat The Ghosts' only appears in the round avatar/stamp, not as a sub under the main title.