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 Commodore - VIC-20 (20081228)
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Connie @ 2011-03-12 08:17:00

I have just done a 'line by line' scan/fix using this latest dat and found the following dupe entries. Note that these existed in the 'old' dat and must have gone unnoticed:

"Machine Code Monitor (World) (SYS 24576) (Program)" is a dupe of "VICMon $6000 (World) (SYS 24576) (Program)" >>> Delete the "Machine Code Monitor (World) (SYS 24576) (Program)" entry.
"Screen Master (World)" is a dupe of "Screen Master (World) (Program)" >>> Delete the "Screen Master (World)" entry.
"Kids on Keys (World) (Alt)" is a dupe of "Kids on Keys (World)" >>> Delete the "Kids on Keys (World) (Alt)" entry.
"Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA)" is a dupe of "VIC Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA)" >>> Delete the "Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA)" entry.
"Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA) (Alt)" is a dupe of "VIC Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA) (Alt)" >>> Delete the "Radar Rat Race (Japan, USA) (Alt)" entry.

This should save you all ~20k bytes of disk space!