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 Lode Runner
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einstein95 @ 2012-02-16 22:46:45

AtariAge has a rom dump of Lode Runner which was only released as an Atari review cartridge here:
Cassiel @ 2012-04-05 05:09:40

Story behind this:
Kurt Olsen ported Loderunner from an existing Atari version to the Lynx (without original IP owners permission or Atari's or anything). His aim was to send to Atari to see if they interested in publishing. They weren't. A few years later when Lynx development became more established, someone took the binary image (that had by now been floating around the Lynx homebrew community) and created a small run of EEPROM carts to be sold (to the same crowd basicly). They had neither Atari's nor Kurt's permission either ironically.

From what I understand this therefore would not fall within your projects remit?

Cassiel (of TOSEC)
anonymous @ 2012-10-24 17:48:21

It sounds like this is one of those unlicensed (Unl) roms. It should meet the test for inclusion based upon it being original to the system and not some hack. Furthermore, it was released on cart.

I vote for inclusion!