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 Suggest to revert to Mokjangiyagi (single j)
Argument: Generic , Reference: 4187
anonymous @ 2020-07-18 00:46:36

Also applies to NDS-4628, 4699, and 5461.
Mokjjangiyagi in the titles of four games' DATs should have been stayed with single j, as Mokjangiyagi.
The Korean Hangul for Mokjangiyagi is 목장이야기, albeit pronounced as /목짱이야기/.
The current Mokjjangiyagi (two j's) is the romanization of the pronunciation, but the pronunciation changes of unaspirated sounds into tense ones (ㅈ j into ㅉ jj) may not be applied to the romanization. (see: examples beginning with Apgujeong on )
That's why the titles should be corrected with Mokjangiyagi, with single j.