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 Naming conventions
Argument: Naming
pandaforce @ 2020-07-03 18:53:02

Two things to ponder for you kind folk today :)

# Dates

Looking at the naming conventions in, it looks like date formats haven't been prescribed.

For the most part No-Intro seems to follow (YYYY-MM-DD), but there are outliers:

Atari 2600
Xevious (USA) (01-18-1984) (Proto)
Xevious (USA) (08-02-1983) (Proto)

Atari 5200
RealSports Basketball (USA) (82-11-05) (Proto)
RealSports Basketball (USA) (83-10-31) (Proto)

Note the location of the (Proto) tag is also after the date instead of before it, as it is in other No-Intro dats. Both of these names might just be oversights.

# Language flags for regions with more than one official language

The second issue is one of languages. The guideline states "The [language] flag is only added if more than one language is available in the game." However things get confusing if a nation has multiple official languages. What official language does that game from Hong Kong support, English or Chinese? What about Taiwan? It might help with clarity if the languages guideline was extended to take this situation into account (or at least stated what the default assumed language for a region is).

Thanks :)