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 (Unknown) region in P/C dat
Argument: P/Clone , Reference: 2252 , Closed by: root
BitLooter @ 2010-05-25 15:17:45

I've been updating P/C information for various systems on the DoM today, but I'm not sure how to handle this one. "Bound High" is an unreleased prototype and has no region associated with it. What's the proper region information to use one the P/C list in a situation like this?
kazumi213 @ 2010-05-26 13:21:56

Use a "best guess" region from already existing in list.

Otherwise, to be safe use the (World) tag group:

BitLooter @ 2010-06-20 12:44:47

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I've been waiting on another issue before I updated the Virtual Boy dat, and didn't think to check the discussion here until now.

Thanks for the information. I'm going to go ahead and use (World) here, because there's not really any other information available.