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 Contribution - Four Titles and Two Updates for Wii U (Digital) (CDN)
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Contributor @ 2019-03-16 19:24:10

Hello, here's a contribution for the Nintendo - Wii U (Digital) (CDN) DAT:

The following link expires in a week, but contains the DATs for the following titles in a CSV, and all in a OpenOffice Libre .ODS spreadsheet (whichever format preferred).

Aqua Moto Racing (EUR)
Super Mario Maker (Media) (EUR) (Note: was a prototype for the press?)
CubeShift (USA)
Daikon Set (USA)
Minecraft - Wii U Edition (USA) (v672) (Update)
Just Dance 2019 (USA) (v48) (Update)

Hiccup @ 2020-10-12 15:22:40

Could you repost this?