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 Weiss Doch Jedes Kind!, Das
Argument: Naming , Reference: 3099 , Closed by: root
PId @ 2008-12-02 08:19:33

me again,

i don't think "das" should be moved to the end here, because it's not "the" but means "that" instead, like in "every child knows that".
kazumi213 @ 2008-12-02 16:17:21

What's exactly the literal translation, I get this nonsense

the white but every child!

BitLooter @ 2008-12-02 17:31:09

I don't know what this translates to, but I know "Das" can mean "The":
PId @ 2008-12-02 22:56:21

as I said, "every child knows that", something like this should be a good translation. weiss means "to know" and not "white" in that case. That's the reason why you cannot treat "das" as "the" here. as you already pointed out, that does sound really strange that way.

that"s right, but i also can be that, if you refer to something without exactly mentoning it:

"that happens all the time" "das passiert jedes mal"
"that is a bad idea" "das is keine gute idee"
"that does not matter" "das macht nix aus"
kazumi213 @ 2008-12-03 02:50:08

Ok PId, "Das" is a pronoun here, so I agree with your suggestion. Then a literal translation could be

that known by every children!

It's just the usage of "doch" that confuses me. Your other examples show more usual syntax.
PId @ 2008-12-03 04:23:48

yeah, pronoun was the word is was looking for ;)

I think this actually unneeded doch is more a tyical German thing.

Das weiss jedes Kind
basically it means the same as
Das weiss doch jedes Kind

but the second one is a more common used saying especially if you react to someone. I would say it is used to create a bit more emphasis:

"oh no, i dropped the glass" "never mind, that's no [real] problem" == "oh nein, ich habe das Glas fallen lassen" "macht nix, das ist [doch] kein problem"

"That's impossible to do. [Even] children know that!" == "Das ist unmoeglich. Das weiss [doch] jedes Kind!"

I hope you enjoyed my little German lesson :D

"Das ist [doch] nicht schwer, oder?" == "It's not [that] hard, is it?"
kazumi213 @ 2008-12-03 04:44:50

Very nice PId. Understood ;)