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 IQue games
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michal99 @ 2008-12-01 10:06:26

We should move these games to normal release or at least change name and add iQue. As they are normal full version.

Momo Waliou Zhizao (iQue)
Momo Yaoxi : Yun Zhong Manbu (iQue)
Shenyou Maliou DS (iQue)
Zhigan Yi Bi (iQue)
kazumi213 @ 2008-12-02 10:07:16

I see your point. However note that (Club Nintendo) ROMs are full versions too and you don't mention them ;)

Anyway xxxx ROM doesn't mean demo/incomplete ROM. It just mean a release that didn't get a generally accepted reference number, whatever the reason. Your change only has to do with numbering. But numbering is just a temporary tool for No-Intro. We use it for "live" systems because it's useful. If we change it to suddenly include these ROMs, well that would make numbering a bit less useful. So I don't see benefit in that change.

Your suggestion about adding (iQue) sounds ok to me.
z.g @ 2008-12-02 13:28:00

btw, "1Seg Jushin Adaptor - DS Television (Japan)" also full rom. and i dont' see any principal difference between this rom and "Nintendo DS Browser (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)". may be somebody knows?
michal99 @ 2008-12-02 16:05:44

NDS Browser is a software and 1Seg Jushin Adaptor - DS Television is a hardware.
z.g @ 2008-12-02 16:24:25

really? so you can run browser without any device in slot2, yes?
michal99 @ 2008-12-05 00:26:14

No and yes, you can start it, but it will ask you for the memory and it comes from classic NDS cart and its software. On the other hand DS Television is just firmware dump of a special adapter.
z.g @ 2008-12-05 10:09:43

ok. that difference between "3831 - Walk with me! (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)" and "x081 - 1Seg Jushin Adaptor - DS Television (Japan)". both has special hardware inside slot1 cart.
michal99 @ 2008-12-05 11:12:29

As I said the TV adapter is just a firmware which means its just software to operate the hardware. Walk with me is pure software (cartridge with infra to fransfer information from pedometr to the NDS) doesn't actually need the pedometr to work.
z.g @ 2009-06-05 12:15:39

"Walk with me" doesn't actually need the pedometr to work? Really?
michal99 @ 2009-06-05 22:33:36

This discusion is useless.
If you don't know meaning of firmware/bios please google it.
z.g @ 2009-06-06 01:36:27

"If you don't know meaning of firmware/bios please google it."
"Naturally, there is no strict, or well defined, boundaries between firmware and software, both are quite loose descriptive terms."
hydr0x @ 2009-06-06 08:00:12

That doesn't mean there is no boundary at all though. Just that it isn't well-defined.
z.g @ 2009-06-06 09:48:45

i see you are expert. ok, two simple examples.
1. ak2 flashcart. there is three pieces of software in it:
a) something based on passcard that used at console start.
b) "bootloader" that called then you select ak2 from console menu. dump x094. simply load and calls akmenu4.nds.
c) so-called firmware akmenu4.nds that situated at microsd.
that from this is bios, that firmware and that — software? and why?
2. ak2i flashcart:
a) fifa'06 game used at console start.
b) "bootloader". dump x119.
c) akmenu4.nds
the same questions. especially about a).