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 5476.7z is VERY BIG - 82.6MB
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Dan @ 2011-01-25 00:38:50

Btw, I just d/l the NDS Patch (over 80MB) and using xdelta 1.1.3 (2007), I compressed it down to about 1MB / patch = ~2MB for both patched... For games I highly recommend xdelta 1.x rather than xdelta3 because it is GPL, fast, and VERY efficient. xdelta 1.1.4 is the latest/last in the 1.x.x series...

Take care...
kazumi213 @ 2011-02-09 12:31:21

I can't find a Windows-compiled executable for release 1.1.4 (because in 1.1.3 release compressed data from 32-bit platforms failed to decompress on 64-bit platforms), so I cannot generate the smaller patches that you mention.

Please feel free to post your patches on forum, along with required 1.1.3 executable (1.1.4 would be prefered). We could simply include the old exe version along with patches whenever using the old v1 patches shows advantage over current v3 ones.

Thank you Dan.