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 Chikyuu no Arukikata DS subtitles
Argument: Naming , Reference: 2798 , Closed by: root
kazumi213 @ 2008-10-20 08:56:47

All current 8 games seem to require addition of "'07-'08" to subtitle.


1351 - Chikyuu no Arukikata DS - Italia (Japan)
should be
1351 - Chikyuu no Arukikata DS - Italia '07-'08 - Roma, Milano, Firenze, Venezia (Japan)
(italian names are used)

Something must be added to

1603 - Chikyuu no Arukikata DS - Hawaii (Japan)
1603 - Chikyuu no Arukikata DS - Hawaii '07-'08 - (help here) (Japan)
but I need help in reading the kanji.
fuzzball @ 2008-10-20 19:14:32

Oahu Tou or Oahu-tou
kazumi213 @ 2008-10-21 03:54:27

Thank you fuzzball :)

So it is Oahu island after all. I was getting confused because when searching for japanese "island" I find "shima" and maybe "jima" as in "Iwo Jima" (current official name is Iou Tou). "Tou" seems the reading for "島" when applied to placenames and Shima/Jima for generic island.

I've seen "Oahu-tou" as you suggest. But since we are currently using "Fruits Mura", "Hitsuji Mura" and "Makai Mura", I think we should also use "Oahu Tou"

It is possible that the correct romanization is using "-mura" and "-tou", since they seem to be used to specifiy the type of place for a placename.