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 Kimino Yusha
Argument: Naming , Reference: 2797 , Closed by: root
fuzzball @ 2008-10-19 19:49:10

I beg to differ.
I throw a vote for 'Kimi no Yuusha'.
Connie @ 2008-10-22 14:38:10

kimi no yuusha
meaning Kimi's Hero/Kimi the Hero/Brave Kimi
kazumi213 @ 2008-10-23 04:33:14

See comment in changelog for this title.

Boxart explicitly uses "Kimino Yusha" as romanization for the japanese title. This is even more explicit on the official gamesite.

Is it a wrong romanization from grammar and orthography point of view? Of course, as it is using "Dogz", "Horsez" and the like, but we use them because that's how authors/publishers decided to display it. Honestly, I don't believe anybody noticed about the wrong romanization before release.