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 Xdelta3 still unable to patch rom 3970
Argument: Generic , Reference: 3970 , Closed by: root
kissyline @ 2010-01-11 10:08:44

I still have the problem with the "00602C82 to 4C23FEEC" patch.
Under linux with Xdelta3 i get the EOF in decode : XD3_INTERNAL error.

Anything particular to run this under linux ?
kazumi213 @ 2010-01-12 07:48:15

Current patches are not the ones that I created to solve a previous issue with this title. Don't know what happened. In fact I remember a whole "xdelta" subfolder in the NDS Patches collection that is now gone.

I will re-create the patches.
kazumi213 @ 2010-01-13 10:45:37

You should have no problems now.

Try again and please report whichever the result.
kissyline @ 2010-01-15 06:40:12

Evrything is working great now :)
Thanks a lot