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 Old name "Moyeora! Kirby" was right
Argument: Generic , Reference: z003 , Closed by: Hiccup
anonymous @ 2018-09-17 07:43:40

The Korean name is "모여라! 커비", and the correct romanisation of the first word is "Moyeora", not the current name "Goiada" or "goioda" which the current revision of English Wikipedia says.
anonymous @ 2018-09-19 07:08:45

I'm in agreement with the OP on this. I checked the romanization on a korean website for this and it comes back with Moyeora! Keobi so having it as Moyeora! Kirby makes sense to me.

Source check:!%20%ec%bb%a4%eb%b9%84
(Pusan National University hosted site)

It seems the original text was added by a (possibly) non-registered user on wikipedia a year ago and isn't likely reliable. No source was given as to where they got their romanization.