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 Some New Channel Dumps
Argument: ROM data , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
anonymous @ 2015-01-23 16:44:00

All of these were gotten with NUS Downloader, which can be downloaded here:
NOTE: Make sure when you first load the program you do Database... > Update Database because there has been a database update since the most recent release.

File: Opera Internet Channel Shop (Japan) (v3) (Channel).wad
CRC-32: 111a1388
MD4: 5cbc516536b236c78023a809498cb922
MD5: d1171f3f7d567023ef063a712b697365
SHA-1: 6a425b93c5af20db03b1fc60767fc7b2154b7cf7

File: Wii-Shop Channel (World) (v21) (Channel).wad
CRC-32: b33c43b9
MD4: 7e763c99efed3d42973c9afad5b123cb
MD5: 4ceaed3ebb1d5f6de9058bcd9cd6122c
SHA-1: 59151b568210b7b6cec3275e2480d1efdf08742a

File: Opera Internet Channel Shop (USA) (v1024) (Channel).wad
CRC-32: dd1603f7
MD4: 42530f819b474242af9eb4101a6294b2
MD5: 31f0863c7f904b3a1b18e66b727d55ee
SHA-1: 076aa52adaa090285729147288ea5878691d8437
einstein95 @ 2015-11-23 05:47:54

NUS Downloader makes its own certificate chains rather than use the cert.sys from the Wii.