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 Latest Dat Missing Roms?
Argument: ROM data , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
nutbarz @ 2009-01-10 09:56:27

Hello, I just updates wit the lastest set here, and its saying 2 roms I have, which have been fine for the last 10 updates or so, are now bad becasue crc's don't match. When I use the Old Dat (3241) they check out fine. So What Happened, is this recent one a Bad Dat? Or have there been redumps which have not made it out to the public yet?

kazumi213 @ 2009-01-10 10:48:42

2 redumps. And they should be publicly available.
Nutbarz @ 2009-01-10 15:56:47

Um, I guess I must not know where to look, my usual haunts still have the older version. Also not have the ez flash vi either.
Nutbarz @ 2009-01-11 10:00:23

Also, Sorry about putting this here, I'll use the Forums in the Future. :-) This can be closed, deleted, whatever