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 Line Rider 2 - Unbound (USA)
Argument: ROM data , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
z.g @ 2008-09-29 10:50:36

why did «Line Rider 2 - Unbound (USA)» remove from datomatic?
Sir VG @ 2008-09-29 14:36:15

Considering it says "REDUMP NDS 2717 : Line Rider 2 Unbound (USA)" on the page, that probably means it was nuked for being a bad dump.
z.g @ 2008-09-29 15:08:19

really? it was nuked because somebody look inside rom and see some bad words at offset 0x148af0 and desided what rom is hacked. but the same words exist for example in all spore roms. they also must be nuked.

really — this is ban list for multiplayer chat and rom is good.

ps: btw, rom is not nuked:
[29.09.2008 17:15:18] [SEARCH] Line_Rider_2_Unbound_USA_NDS-iND got released 2d 13h 6m 42s [27/09/2008] ago [ UNKNOWN / iND | 55.5MB in 1F ]
xuom2 @ 2008-09-29 18:17:17

To be sure if the bad words are on the original cartridge, we asked for a redump.
Maybe an idiot changed the file, maybe the ROM includes a list of words to be banned on multiplayer. We just need to be sure. :)
z.g @ 2008-09-29 21:00:58

i dont' remember, what you asked for redump for 2624, 2647, 2650 roms. they also contain bad words. much more then line rider.

if this words inserted by dumper, he is not idiot. because he insert words in random order, then insert table with words offset and in this table words is in alphabetical order. and also unsert code which search incoming word in this table using first letter optimisation.
xuom2 @ 2008-09-29 21:38:19

A redump of Line Rider (as asked on DoM) will tell us if the bad words were inserted by the original developers or by the dumper (with a mental disorder to treat).
The result may solve the same mystery on Spore & co.
z.g @ 2008-09-29 21:56:12

i still dont understand why spore in datomatic but line rider not?
z.g @ 2008-09-30 00:35:38

additional information:

2209 - Diary Girl (USA) — at offset 0xbedc0 we can see a table very similas as in line rider. i still think this is a ban list. xuom2 thinks what data was changed by man who is dump rom. but there is something strange at offset 0xb3710. even i cant' explain this believing that this is good dump. who was dumped this rom?

2074 - MX vs. ATV Untamed (Europe)
2078 - Disney Friends (Germany)
2080 - Disney Friends (USA)
2094 - MX vs. ATV Extreme Limite (France)
2158 - SimCity DS 2 - Kodai Kara Mirai e Tsuzuku Machi (Japan)
2174 - Yu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship 2008 (Europe) (En,Ja,Fr,De,Es,It)
2215 - Yu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship 2008 (Korea) (En,Ja,Ko)
2340 - Hannah Montana - Music Jam (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)
2373 - Tamagotchi Connection - Corner Shop 3 (USA)
2597 - My Chinese Coach (USA) — all this games have a bun list like line rider.

2389 - Megaman Star Force 2 - Zerker x Saurian (USA)
2390 - Megaman Star Force 2 - Zerker x Ninja (USA) — this games has packed ban list.

some interesting things:
2133 - Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare (Japan) — at offset 0x9c1210;
2169 - Ys II DS (Japan) — not sure, but at offset 0x2048580;
2526 - Red Bull BC One (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) — at offset 0x7c765f;
2554 - Little League World Series Baseball 2008 (USA) — 0xef4824.

and at end i show special, console magic. 2643 - Hell's Kitchen - The Game (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) — at first look a good rom. nothing bad inside. but you start ideas, open this rom and run it. then it ask you about language — run debugger, goes to memory dump and enter address 0x2103fb0, you'll see something like:

magic also works with 2095 - Hoshigami (France) (address 0x20c2400).
Sir VG @ 2008-09-30 06:00:48

2209 - Diary Girl (USA):

I did. Care to contest me on its contents?

I also did Yu-Gi-Oh 2007 (Europe) and I can vouch that it also contains a banned word list.
xuom2 @ 2008-09-30 06:10:33

It seems that the banned word list is a common content. If so, I am sure that a redump of LR2 will match the CRC of the released one.
@z.g.: thanks for information. anyway, you can add LR2 hash to the dat if you urgently need it in your ROMZ collection :lol:
z.g @ 2008-09-30 09:34:30

@Sir VG
peace. it was irony. i say at first post, that my opinion — all this roms including line rider are good.

problem not in my collection. today no-intro team is a best. but nuking rom by a reason that sombody found f#ck inside without real researching — not a good practice. today you nuke line rider, tomorow you'll deside to nuke all xenophobia releases.
nothing personal, i just want that no-intro stay the best.
xuom2 @ 2008-10-02 06:29:13

I added LR2 to DoM, redump may take more time than expected :|