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Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Split: Not verified
Zootto Mahjong! (Japan) (NP)
Languages: Japanese
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 3668

Section: Trusted Dump
Region: Japan
Dump origin: Nintendo Power cart
Dump date: 2018-12-04
Dumper: sanmaiwashi
Affiliation: Wazoku
1 file(s)
Format: Combined
Zootto Mahjong! (Japan) (NP).sfc
  Size: 2621440
  CRC32: C167987D 
  MD5: A990AE4416DD75F7C68C5DB06425D648
  SHA-1: 21286747D360C03E3BF86CD4504508CE55DEFF8F
  SHA-256: 13E6073E0DCCBBFCDD8436B2F6DD9B96B6A200529B409AEBB53620B4E820EC6B
  Serial: -
Comment 2:
This source did not have Link 1 set to when it was created. I assumed this was a mistake and added it, like the other sanmaiwashi sources in NP archives. I also added "Nintendo Power cart" to the origin field.

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