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Headered: Not verified
Headerless: Not verified
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Asia) (En) (VT-3121) (Pirate)
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Languages: English (checked)
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 0337.
Categories: Games.

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Bootleg version.

Section: Third Party
Region: Asia
Dump date: 2020-04-26 (unconfirmed date)
Release date: 2020-04-26
Dumper: !unknown
Project: NES 2.0 XML Database
Original format: Headered
Datter: omonim2007
2 file(s)
Format: Headered
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Asia) (En) (VT-3121) (Pirate).nes
   Size: 262160
   CRC32: 5e34a4cb 
   MD5: e7ec5deb2c4848bfb75974cc930b5b51
   SHA-1: 99b87adc5196ab7f7797398710a4d95f8e88a150
   SHA-256: f5fce3552bd1c07fafff3c1b8f73b2ee2d237f2d871df57fee26198dbddc484e
4E 45 53 1A 08 10 40 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01
Format: Headerless
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Asia) (En) (VT-3121) (Pirate).unh
   Size: 262144
   CRC32: e58d46f1 
   MD5: daefc012de6d201f355ce48258c06a2e
   SHA-1: cce16c34d63673a4f1f53f24f0f65fe1e1de5ea5
   SHA-256: 723bc580583b5b779bf97a4574320cbef3ff78cdf89756a68f0cf0c01153c6c0

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