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Chongwu Xiao Jingling VI (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate)
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Alternate: 宠物 小精灵 VI (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate)
Languages: Chinese (checked)
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 5422.
Categories: Games.

Sticky Note
Title screen hack of ES-1085

Developer: Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
Publisher: Fuzhou Coolboy Electronics Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 2003

Section: Third Party
Region: China
Dump date: 2012-10-31
Release date: 2020-04-26
Dumper: !unknown
Project: NES 2.0 XML Database
Original format: Headered
Datter: omonim2007
2 file(s)
Format: Headered
Chongwu Xiao Jingling VI (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate).nes
   Size: 1048592
   CRC32: cbc98925 
   MD5: 2e324ce305473dbc12bea04a5e984289
   SHA-1: 09dd1e9871de171895ace60f5c0e059a6d616f8c
   SHA-256: 4ea99974fb8033530226b89f3a08ba124eb1bcbc323eb01c7609f1c8e953b3ee
4E 45 53 1A 40 00 22 B8 00 00 70 07 03 00 00 01
Format: Headerless
Chongwu Xiao Jingling VI (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate).unh
   Size: 1048576
   CRC32: 4d7168e7 
   MD5: 02bc833576a936f4e61c3c8d9927979a
   SHA-1: cb83367273cdae65805cfb13253e37d9e7765f41
   SHA-256: 8df4181bf990ad74e49bc0aa4b0838aed5190509c7a4a78a2fae71494f19b614

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