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Dai-2-ji Jiqiren Dazhan (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate)
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Alternate: 第二次机器人大战 (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate)
Languages: Chinese (checked)
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 0465.
Categories: Games.

Publisher: Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Section: Third Party
Region: China
Dump date: 2006-04-16
Release date: 2006-07-20
Dumper: !unknown
Project: GoodTools
Original format: Headered
Datter: omonim2007
Comment 1:
Alternative according to GoodNES V3.23b - [a1] variation
2 file(s)
Format: Headered
Dai-2-ji Jiqiren Dazhan (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate).nes
   Size: 524304
   CRC32: 9a8c00a6 
   MD5: 8d9d785b1bb003976f2e4d1633c5a928
   SHA-1: de00a552195e76a6f674e31a718cb2e9fbf3784b
   SHA-256: bb37932a822f3b0d78cabfe844575ece3e0cd92ec4ea780da78e4c91d89354fc
4E 45 53 1A 10 20 22 C8 00 00 70 05 03 00 00 01
Format: Headerless
Dai-2-ji Jiqiren Dazhan (China) (Aftermarket) (Pirate).unh
   Size: 524288
   CRC32: 67dfcf8e 
   MD5: d4eb32ad398676adf9341aa12a8c448d
   SHA-1: d6c44378cca532091d85783fecf7a7a38dd491a7
   SHA-256: 61a0bbca6c76c32e89621c614215f73db54893bf12c26231c254e54d0f3d5324

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