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Headerless: Not verified
Chongwu Xiao Jingling II - Pikachu (China) (Pirate)
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Alternate: 宠物 小精灵 II - Pikachu (China) (Pirate)
Languages: Chinese (checked)
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 5410.
Categories: Games.

Developer: Mars Production
Publisher: Fuzhou Coolboy Electronics Co., Ltd.

Section: Third Party
Region: China
Dump date: 2020-04-26 (unconfirmed date)
Release date: 2020-04-26
Dumper: !unknown
Project: NES 2.0 XML Database
Original format: Headered
Datter: omonim2007
2 file(s)
Format: Headered
Chongwu Xiao Jingling II - Pikachu (China) (Pirate).nes
   Size: 1048592
   CRC32: d9bbc55d 
   MD5: d3298a7de8db4280f258453aeb6ccb1d
   SHA-1: 1272aa79f704505c50486546594fcad37917684f
   SHA-256: 943954c889e0253008e8d775c60089bddd043062f551851b52c7638021dbb9a0
4E 45 53 1A 40 00 22 B8 00 00 70 07 03 00 00 01
Format: Headerless
Chongwu Xiao Jingling II - Pikachu (China) (Pirate).unh
   Size: 1048576
   CRC32: 5f03249f 
   MD5: 164a8e64a77d767be44cead688e21be2
   SHA-1: 2542817ba420c432ab918823400bd557e2f05bf7
   SHA-256: e21c6deadf33f4f432e3559a568e402f246936de1ba0e3ea09b5c9b29c036e48

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