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Rockman 5 - Blues no Wana! (Japan) (Virtual Console)
Languages: Japanese
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 1406

Section: Trusted Dump
Region: Japan
Dump tool: Wii U VC Extractor 0.8.0
Dump date: 2019-11-18
Dumper: omonim2007
Affiliation: No-Intro
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Format: Default
Rockman 5 - Blues no Wana! (Japan) (Virtual Console).nes
  Size: 524288
  CRC32: 1BC3F53B 
  MD5: 40D913AC6AAA4DA78749AB6CFB2DB4FF
  SHA-1: 9C99721BBA5EA50B5AF2D90CE5F040A723723BB0
  Serial: -
Comment 1:
Wii U Virtual Console dump
Comment 2:
ロックマン5 ブルースの罠! [FC5J01] - WUP-FC5J

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