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Sega - Master System - Mark III

It's not clear where TecToy got this or whether it was custom-made for the Master System Evolution, as an older revision of the Master System Evolution appears to have had the original revision. Needs further investigation.
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Color & Switch Test (Brazil) (En) (Rev A)
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Alternate: COLOR & SWITCH (A) (Brazil) (En) (Rev A)
Languages: English (checked)
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 0081.

Section: Trusted Dump
Region: Brazil
Dump tool: Modified ParallelFLASHDumper
Dump origin:
2011 TecToy Master System Evolution
Dump date: 2023-01-05
Dumper: noza10b1
Original format: Default
Datter: Arctic Circle System
1 file(s)
Format: Default
Color & Switch Test (Brazil) (En) (Rev A).sms
   Size: 16384
   CRC32: b06403e0 
   MD5: 424a541b04a8d41e66461ed66a6780f0
   SHA-1: 11f9e4f0ee2d08c9f90dbdc5010775a236061e9b
   SHA-256: 3ec32f259e5d1982217077fced0eca615fd5cd72084fdd063c5e40080966ede4

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