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Nintendo - Game Boy Advance

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x269 - Spyro 2 - Season of Flame (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Beta)
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
P/C relationship: Clone. Its parent: 0671

2020-03-05 Not filtered as a beta by the datomatic

Section: Third Party
Region: Europe
Dump date: 2019-04-04 (unconfirmed date)
Dumper: !unknown
Affiliation: GoodTools
1 file(s)
Format: Default
x269 - Spyro 2 - Season of Flame (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Beta).gba
  Size: 8388608
  CRC32: D05C86BB 
  MD5: 5E35371EAF3AD42844654216B28937A8
  SHA-1: 64608522B649F54C1E7678FB54FFEB8246F0342F
  Serial: -
Comment 1:
Title and serial missing from header
Comment 2:
Not verified in GoodTools.

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