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Loaded: 200 item(s).

  007 - A View to a Kill (Europe)
  007 - Licence to Kill (Europe)
  007 - Live and Let Die (Europe)
  007 - Living Daylights, The (Europe)
  007 - Spy Who Loved Me, The (Europe)
  10th Frame (Europe)
  11-A-Side Soccer (Europe)
  180 (Europe) (Budget)
  19 Part One - Boot Camp (Europe)
  19 Part One - Boot Camp (Europe) (2 sides)
  1942 (Europe)
  1943 - One Year After (Europe)
  1943 - The Battle of Midway (Europe)
  1985 - The Day After (Europe) (Burner)
  1985 - The Day After (Europe) (Visiload)
  1994 - Ten Years After (Europe)
  3D Construction Kit (Europe) (Program)
  3D Pinball - Pinball Power (Europe)
  3D Pool (Europe)
  3D Stock Cars II (Europe)
  4th & Inches (Europe)
  720 Degrees (Europe)
  Aaargh! (Europe)
  ACE 2088 (Europe)
  Ace II (Europe)
  Ace of Aces (Europe)
  Acrojet (Europe)
  Action Biker (Europe)
  Action Fighter (Europe)
  Action Force (Europe) (Budget)
  Addams Family, The (Europe)
  ADIDAS Championship Football (Europe)
  ADIDAS Championship Tie Break (Europe)
  Advanced Basketball Simulator (Europe) (Budget)
  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragon Lance - Heroes of the Lance (Europe)
  Advanced Pinball Simulator (Europe)
  Adventures of Bond... Basildon Bond, The (Europe)
  After the War (Europe)
  After the War (Spain)
  Afterburner (Europe)
  Aftermath (Europe)
  Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back (Europe)
  Airborne Ranger (Europe)
  Airwolf 64 (Europe)
  Airwolf II (Europe)
  Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (Europe)
  Alice In Videoland (Europe)
  Alien 3 (Europe)
  Alien Storm (Europe)
  Alien World (Europe)
  Aliens (Europe)
  Aliens - The Computer Game (Europe) (Budget)
  All Points Bulletin (Europe)
  All-American Basketball (Europe)
  Alleykat (Europe)
  Altair 4 (Europe)
  Altered Beast (Europe)
  Amaurote (Europe)
  America's Cup Challenge (Europe)
  American 3D Pool (Europe)
  American Football (Europe)
  American Road Race (Europe)
  American Tag Team Wrestling (Europe)
  Anarchy (Europe)
  Andy Capp (Europe)
  Angleball (Europe) (Budget)
  Annihilator (Europe)
  Anter Planter (Europe)
  Apache Raid (Europe)
  Aquanaut (Europe)
  Aquaplane (Europe)
  Arc of Yesod, The (Europe)
  Arcade Flight Simulator (Europe)
  Arcade Fruit Machine (Europe)
  Arcadia 64 (Europe)
  Arcana (Europe)
  Archon 2 - Adept (Europe)
  Arctic Fox (Europe)
  Ark Pandora (Europe)
  Arkanoid (Europe)
  Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (Europe)
  Armageddon (Europe)
  Armageddon Man, The (Europe)
  Armourdillo (Europe)
  Army Days (Europe)
  Army Moves (Europe)
  Army Moves (Spain)
  Arnie (Europe)
  Arnie II (Europe)
  Around the World in 80 Days (Europe)
  Artura (Europe)
  Aspar Grand Prix Master (Europe)
  Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (Europe)
  Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She-Vampires, The (Europe)
  Astro Chase (Europe)
  Astro Marine Corps (Europe)
  Athena (Europe)
  Atom Ant (Europe)
  Atomic Robo-Kid (Europe)
  Atomix (Europe)
  Attack of the Mutant Camels (Europe)
  ATV Simulator (Europe)
  Auriga (Europe)
  Australian Rules Football (Europe)
  Autotest Simulator (Europe)
  Avenger (Europe)
  Aventura Original, La (Spain)
  Aztec Challenge (Europe)
  Aztec Challenge (Europe) (Budget)
  B-Raid! (Europe)
  Back to Reality (Europe)
  Back to the Future (Europe) (Electric Dreams)
  Back to the Future (Europe) (MCM)
  Back to the Future II (Europe)
  Back to the Future Part III (Europe)
  Bad Cat (Europe)
  Badlands (Europe)
  Ball Crazy (Europe) (Budget)
  Ball-Blasta (Europe)
  Ballblazer (Europe)
  Ballistix (Europe)
  Bandana City (Europe)
  Bangers & Mash (Europe) (Budget)
  Bangkok Knights (Europe)
  Barbarian (Europe) (Ocean)
  Barbarian (Europe) (Palace)
  Barbarian (Europe) (Psygnosis)
  Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (Europe)
  Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (Europe) (Budget)
  Basketmaster (Europe)
  Batalyx (Europe)
  Bath Time (Europe)
  Batman - The Caped Crusader (Europe) (Bleepload)
  Batman - The Caped Crusader (Europe) (Freeload)
  Batman - The Movie (Europe)
  Battle Field (Europe)
  Battle Stations (Europe)
  Battle Valley (Europe)
  Battleships (Europe)
  Batty (Europe)
  Bazooka Bill (Europe)
  Bazooka Bill (Europe) (Budget)
  BC Bill (Europe)
  BC II - Grog's Revenge (Europe)
  BC's Quest for Tires (Europe)
  Beach Buggy Simulator (Europe)
  Beach Volleyball (Europe)
  Beach-Head (Europe)
  Beach-Head II (Europe)
  Beach-Head II (Europe) (Alt 1)
  Beamrider (Europe) (Activision)
  Beamrider (Europe) (Firebird)
  Beat It! - Jammin' II (Europe)
  Bedlam (Europe)
  Beverly Hills Cop (Europe)
  Beyond the Ice Palace (Europe)
  Biff (Europe)
  Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man (Europe)
  Big Trouble in Little China (Europe)
  Bigfoot (Europe)
  Biggles (Europe)
  Bignose's USA Adventure (Europe)
  Bigtop Barney (Europe)
  Bionic Commando (Europe)
  Bionic Ninja (Europe)
  Bitmania (Europe)
  Black Hawk (Europe)
  Black Lamp (Europe)
  Black Magic (Europe)
  Black Tiger (Europe)
  Blagger (Europe)
  Blagger Goes To Hollywood (Europe)
  Blasteroids (Europe)
  Blazing Thunder (Europe)
  Blinky's Scary School (Europe)
  Blood Money (Europe)
  Bloodwych (Europe)
  Blue Baron (Europe)
  Blue Max (Europe)
  Blue Max 2001 (Europe)
  Blue Moon (Europe)
  BMX Freestyle (Europe)
  BMX Kidz (Europe)
  BMX Ninja (Europe)
  BMX Racers (Europe) (Burner)
  BMX Racers (Europe) (Visiload)
  BMX Simulator (Europe)
  BMX Simulator 2 (Europe)
  BMX Trials (Europe)
  Bobby Bearing (Europe)
  Bod Squad (Europe)
  Bomb Fusion (Europe)
  Bombjack (Europe)
  Bombjack II (Europe)
  Bombo (Europe)
  Bombuzal (Europe)
  Bonanza Bros (Europe)
  BoneCruncher (Europe)
  Bonka (Europe)
  Bonzo (Europe)